Elf on the Shelf

For those of you who house an Elf during the Winter Holidays. Here are some mischievous ideas your elf my get into. So be prepared!

Our elf’s name is Booty Butt- he arrived 2 years ago but I did not start recording his antics until last year.

For the most part Booty butt just moves around our home but the more comfortable he gets – the more mischievous he seems to become.

Last year he went fishing in an attempt to catch out Transgender fish Violet. She is actually a he. We purchased from the MALE tank but our son insists Violet is a girl. Violet is the longest living Blue Guppy I have ever met. Going on 3 years!

Another one of Booty Butts antics from last year. How in the world did he get all those dinosaurs to cooperate. Magic!

Sometimes elves get hurt flying around through the night while you sleep. And sometimes they just like a little extra glam! He used sooo many Band-Aids! Its a good thing I get most of our band-aids at the dollar tree!

This is one of my sons Favorite mischievous things our elf has done! He LOVES Pokémon! I think this was Booty Butts attempt at making a Pikachu. Booty Butt did this last year and Jackson is STILL talking about it!

I just love an elf who reads, don’t you? And look at all those reptiles coming together to listen to their favorite subject. Themselves!

My Husband Loves Yo-Yo’s. . . yes . . . Yo-yo’s. And I guess our elf decided to try a few tricks and didn’t do as well as he expected he would have
SO the next night he decided to use the yo-yo’s combined with one of his strengths and made them help out with pulling the train. . . like a sled!

After all that hard work he needed to take a bath with some PA moments lavender Body Scrub https://pamoments.wordpress.com/product/sugar-lavender-body-scrub-with-organic-coconut-oil-2oz/

Then it is back to Fun and Games with a Pokémon battle with EEVEE.

This is by far my FAVORITE piece of mischief Booty butt has done. Why? I have never seen my son so embarrassed by something ever! He immediately asked me to take down his underwear Yes, they were clean.

We all know how much Elves LOVE sugar, especially candy. Well, we still had some ZOMBIE skittles left over from Halloween. I guess out elf decided to try out a need kind of candy and he was not disappointed that it tasted different. Guess what? We found out that Elfs Vomit Holiday candy.

There are been other Shenanigans our elf has done as well, but Frankly I forgot to take a picture.

So our elf has behaved the last few nights and just moved around. Last night he got in our sons Bakugan and decided he could win a battle. But obviously he was wrong, as you can tell he is surrounded.

Since our son LOVEs Pokémon, Booty Butt decided to make himself a Pokémon card! Complete with his own holiday moves HOLIDAY CHEER and CANDY CRUSH.

Our son loved this soooo much that he hugged and thanked Booty Butt depleting him of magic for a night.

This night was fun and easy! Booty Butt hid in one of our Kitchen Cabinets!

Stay tuned for more Booty Butt updates!

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