Moderna Vaccination Daily experience post First Vaccination

This blog is to update those who are interested in the EU of the Covid 19 Vaccine Moderna.

A quick review of the 2 Emergency approved Vaccines: Pfizer and Moderna.

 Quick review of Pfizer and Moderna Vaccine differences

2 shots  – 21 days a part2 shots – 28 days a part (+/- 2 days in each direction of 2nd Vac)
Ultra freezer storage32 General freezer
36,000 participates30,000 participants – I know some personally
16 years old +18 years old +
There are currently studies with enrolled children 16yrs old. Some are my colleagues children.

No- it does not inject genetic material into your body. It inserts instructions (a playbook, for the sports fans) to respond to a foreign invader (COVID-19 19).  So, this kind of vaccine could actually be safer than other vaccines because it just teaches our cells HOW to fight rather than introducing an empty shell of an invader without instructions of how to fight them.

Why did I decide to get an Emergency Usage vaccine instead of waiting for one to be officially approved?  Although not approved, they are deemed safe enough to be administered in an emergency. Initially, I wanted to wait about a year. While I believe in science, I am a natural skeptic.  Then I began to think about the people I care about and who I know that CAN get the vaccine. Child- NO, Husband – No, Mom and Dad- Not for a long while (might not even given the option anyway), In laws (not for a while), closest friends – No, my friends children – No. Hmm, so really I was/ am the only one who can actually DO SOMETHING to help those I care about. My last ER shift was last week. Every headache, sore throat, sniffle, or food that seemed off made me concerned that I might have COVID-19. Because I chose a career that put me at risk also put my loved ones at risk. What if I gave my son MIS-C from COVID-19?! I could never live with myself if I gave anyone I care about COVID-19 and they died.

Day 0 Moderna Vaccination DAY!!

I received my Moderna vaccine in my left arm on 12/27 at 4:15pm. I received the vaccine at the hospital where I work.  The vaccination was far less painful than any vaccine I have ever received before. No, it was not cold. The vaccine must thaw or warm before it can be given. While working in the ER the previous week I had a discussion with a patient, and they expressed how painful and difficult it must be to receive the vaccine because of the temperature. I’m not going to lie; this briefly crossed my mind as well in the prior months to approval. However, I am educated about vaccines and injections, so it was a fleeting thought. Sometimes it can be difficult to remember that what is common knowledge to me is not common knowledge to everyone else.  And yes, I did get a photo for my “Gram” at Pa_moments.

Not everyone in my life has voiced support about getting the vaccine. Rather they have chosen silence, which is probably the most respectful. Though I have difficulty understanding how someone can be so overtly supportive of a soldier getting shot in service to our country and not support me in receiving a shot in service to the entire world.

I have not seen the amount or severity of COVID-19 that other providers have seen. Though I have and presently see the entire Emergency Room Full of admitted COVID-19 patients. Patients are lined up on the walls of the ER and down the Hallways that connect to the ER because the ER and ICU are full.

After the injection I had to wait for 15 minutes in the same room so I could be monitored for immediate reactions. None! So off I went to inform my friends and family and social media platforms, of course.

I had no arm soreness that evening. I did have a wave of fatigue around 7:30pm and I thought I would not have the energy to shower. BUT I took my shower and felt better. I slept very well last night. Maybe it was due to the vaccine or maybe it was due to the new 12lb weighted blanket I received for Christmas.

Day 1 PV (Post Vaccination) 12/28

I woke up with a sore Left arm. Worse with movement. There was no bruising noted.  Otherwise, I went about my day without side effects that I could relate to the vaccine. Don’t forget to vote, Georgia! NOW at 2:00pm, 22 hours post injection my left arm still hurts but only when I touched. It is brutal when my son encounters my shoulder when we play. The arm no longer hurts when I move it.

Day 2 12/29

So far today has involved an intermittent sore throat. And as the day continues, I am a more and more fatigued and a bit weak.  Not a normal daily tired, though. In fact I am currently in bed with my laptop typing this. My left arm is still sore but slowly improving. Some of the things that run through me mind are: Do I have COVID and just have mild symptoms? And If I do, did I get it during my last shift? How am I going to feel tomorrow? I am on shift in the ER tomorrow. Only time will tell.

Right now, I don’t even know what shifts I can pick up next week because there has been no announcement about school next week. Will it be Face 2 Face or virtual? Time for either a nap or coffee, while my child continues to watch TV.

Day 6 1/2/2021


Yes, Last year was hard. 2021 will also be hard. For some it will be much harder than 2020. The difference is 2021 seems to have light at the end of the tunnel.

At 6 days post Vaccination I have had some occasional headaches with nausea and dizziness. This seems to resolve pretty quickly AND it may be from the lack of food. The first event happened while I was in the ER on day 3 post vaccination, yesterday on day 5 also while working in the ED and then on my day off. My arm pain has completely resolved.

I am still waiting to see if I get full-blown COVID symptoms. In the last 2 days I have been in close contact with at least 100 COVID + patients. Yes, I was always wearing my itchy N-95 mask, plus a surgical mask, goggles, gloves and a gown. The Emergency rooms really are at capacity and then some. There are tents outside of the ER. COVID patients that require admission usually stay a few days and right now their stay is in an ER room and not a different room in the hospital because those beds are full too. It really is a sight to be seen in order to be understood. Please, only go the the Emergency Room if it is a true Emergency. My personal wait time to be expected at the Emergency room is 3 hours. The wait on Wednesday was 5-6 hours. Most were COVID patients.

Day 17 (1/13/21) post 1st Vaccination

I had my annual physical yesterday and besides the typical COVID weight gain that seems to have effected everyone, I am healthy. In hindsight I realize, the nausea and fatigue was definitely from the vaccination. They are completely normal post vaccination symptoms that can happen with ANY vaccination, including the yearly flu vaccination and the vaccines that are given to multiple children daily. What have I learned after personally speaking with those who are tracking these post COVID reactions? IF you have had COVID previously, then the post vaccination might be a little harder on you than someone who has not previously had COVID. Why? Now your body knows the correct response to this foreign invader. While you reaction may be a little worse post vaccine it will not last as long as your prior encounter with the REAL invader.

In other news, there is a possibility I will be transferring to the ICU to help the staff take care of the overflowing COVID Floor. YES. . . COVID FLOOR. There is no longer just an ICU – there is an entire floor of Intubated patients with COVID and there are more and more that are intubated and staying in the ER because their is no room on the COVID ICU floor. What you see on the TV and hear on the radio about the healthcare system being overburdened is true. There is NO room for Non-COVID emergencies. There are less providers available to take care of them and there is no where to put them. Please stay safe and be responsible. I am hopeful to receive my second COVID Vaccine (1/22- 1/26) before I begin my time in the ICU.

Day 26 (1/22/2021) post 1st vaccination

This past week we had a little scare with our son having a low grade fever 100.5 to a max of 102 once. He Vomited as well with minimal appetite. The only exception was ice-cream, of course. It last for one day. No nasal congestion or cough. If the pandemic was not going on he would not have seen a provider. None the less we had him test via a Rapid nasal swab for CoVid. Both strep and Covid swab were negative and he is back to his rambunctious stir crazy self.

Now I am 2 days away from my second CoVid vaccine and I am nervous because a lot of my colleagues are having reactions (similar to having the flu). We are planning our work and our sons school schedule around the potential reaction I may have.

***Check out my next Moderna Vaccination Daily experience post 2nd Vaccination!

**If there is anything specific you would like to inquire about or have me address please contact me via the contact page.

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