Moderna Vaccination Daily experience post 2nd Vaccination (updated 1.27)

I did it! I received 2nd Moderna vaccination yesterday evening 1/24/2021.

Getting the vaccination has been the easiest vaccination I have ever had. Almost completely painless. Both vaccines seemed to provide a few moments of elated energy. There were some brief experiences when I thought my side effects were going to get bad. I felt a globulus feeling in my throat for about 15 minutes. No oral itching or swelling and no shortness of breath. I also experienced occasional itching to the injection site and discomfort to the opposite arm, where I received the first vaccination. My vaccine could have been received in either arm. My choice was simply due to what side would be the easiest for the nurse giving me the vaccine (David).

This morning, 17 hours post vaccination, I woke with a slight headache. It resolved with food and coffee. My appetite is lessened and my right arm Hurts like hell. The arm discomfort is worse than the first vaccine and this time my injection site has developed some redness and hardening. No Tylenol or Ibuprofen has been taken yet. No fever or body aches, but there is some fatigue, weakness and brain fog.

Day 2-3 post 2nd Vaccination 1/27/2021

After I posted about the first 17hrs, I began to feel a bit worse. Weakness, fatigue, mild body aches, arm pain and apparently lability were big things for me. I did end up taking Ibuprofen for my arm and the body aches. The ibuprofen helped immensely. My husband and I observed that my injection site developed a hard, red, warm, protruding golf ball sized projection from my arm. I attempted to take a picture on my own but the indention below the swelling was difficult to appreciate. The ibuprofen did help with both the pain and the swelling.

I experienced some events of mild depression and crying around the 25- 28 hour mark and the next morning. Most likely this was from the fatigue and lousy feeling my body was experiencing. This also happened a few hours after I had my epidural when I was delivering my son. While I did not feel the contractions, I had experienced some depression with crying and thoughts that something just wasn’t right. It turned out to be I was under dosed on my pain medication. I didn’t physically feel the pain due to the epidural, but some portion of my brain was still experiencing it enough to make me depressed and cry. He wasn’t delivered until many hours later.

The next day (Yesterday 48hrs after) I felt much better. I did not appreciate just how weak I was the day prior until I had more strength in my legs next morning. I still took it easy and was mostly tired. I got outside and took a short walk in the neighborhood.

Now, my arm pain has virtually resolved. . . unless I actively press on it. The swelling has also improved. I feel pretty much back to normal and am making lists of what I need to do this week.

Here is an image of how the vaccines compare as of now.

QUICK Recap: Shot Sunday evening – felt weird but ok, Monday – Felt the worst- very weak, tired, mild body aches, Horrible injection site pain with swelling, and labile. NO FEVER. Took Ibuprofen for discomfort. Tuesday- Felt much better. Weakness almost resolved, went for a walk but still easily fatigued, improved arm pain. Wednesday (Today). Almost back to normal and doing daily activities.

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As changes occur I will update.


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