Favorite Things!


It’s almost time for Holiday Shopping! That means its time to start looking at sales (if you like to shop the best price) or just finding the gift that says you care and know the person you are purchasing for.  

Here is a list of our family favorite things that would make great holiday gifts!

  • The Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded stick Vacuum – around $170 normally. The prior 2 holiday seasons I have purchased this – first for myself. Then for my 67yr old mother the following Holiday! She previously had a Rainbow- which is also amazing! But it is also a lot of work. The Shark rocket is light weight and easy to move around with. You can detach the top and empty the small but mighty canister. There are great attachments that work well on couches, as well as brick fireplaces. Don’t look at your fireplace now- the dust will bother you.
  • The Ninja blender/ Food Processor. I Love this thing! There are different size blenders – all with spouts. This has completely replaced our traditional blender. You can even remove the blades for better cleaning and removing all the yumminess you have made.  I think my husband uses this more than I do.
  •  The BBQ Bear claws. A cheap but perfect gift for a man who loves to cook or grill. He can pretend he is Wolverine in the Kitchen!
  • Meat Thermometer. Another great gift for a man who likes to cook. Amazon.
  • The Death Star Ice Ball for his evening drink of bourbon! My husband has his Ice rocks But he LOVES This Death Star ICE ball. After appropriately frozen it really does look like the death star. It is amazing!
  • Duluth Trading Company. A little on the pricey side for me but really good quality – so I make my purchases around the holidays when my husband’s favorite Underwear go on sale. Duluth Trading company Buck naked underwear.  My dad has ALWAYS worn tighty whites and suspenders. Now as a 70 yr old man, he finds it difficult to find Suspenders that work well for him. He is a big man. Duluth trading company has a great variety of good sturdy suspenders.
  • My Revlon Hair dryer.
  • National Geographic Kids books. The Big Book of Why was our introduction to this Children series. Our favorites are: the big book of Why, Big book of dinosaurs, Big book of bugs. There are also The Big Book of Who, How and Outerspace. Below are links to The Big Book of Why and The big Book of WHO.
  • Great book series for girls and boys ( My 6 yr old boy LOVES these books) – The My Little Pony book series of Daring Do. Think My Little Pony meets Indiana Jones.

  • This year we will be purchasing this play Bow and Arrow. My hope is it will get my son out of the the house more and get more activity. Wish us luck!
  • 12/29-2020 update. This is great! But My son has a chewing problem and has already chewed some of the tips off.
  • For the first time ever we will also be purchasing a Nerf Blaster for our son. We were initially very hesitant but after having little connection with other children due to the pandemic AND after other PA moms saying how much they loved them and the activity get with them, I decided- Why not? We can be the ones who control the verbiage he hears about safety. Amazon has there own! But we also will be purchasing some from the Zombie series.
  • 12/29/2020 Update the Nerf blasters were a big WIN!! ALL of us have fun with them as a family.

The above links are serviced by Amazon and I receive a commission on purchases only.