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Old Crayons into new crayons!

We have a lot of crayons and It feels like such a waste to throw away the broken ones. Especially all the greens! My sons most frequently used color. This is a great activity to do with the kids.

  1. It teaches them to sort.
  2. It teaches them to be a little more detail oriented when they help you peel the paper off each crayon.
  3. It is a wonderful time for you and you child to just talk to each other. My son and I had a very calm discussion about getting mad. Apparently, Im the best mom in the world . . . except when I get mad and cry. I don’t like it when he looses his temper and yells either. We promised each other we would both work on it.

Step 1 Find and Sort out all the broken crayons and remove the paper from them.

Step 2 put the crayons in muffin tin, a silicon muffin mold, or any mold! You can use heart shapes, dinosaur shapes or disposable pans. You do not need to spray any of these prior.

Step 3 – set the over to 200-225 Degrees and put the tray with the crayons inside.

Step 4 – check on the crayons around 10 mins. Ours took about 15 minutes to melt. As you can see our tins were not full. Please ignore the dirty oven.

Step 5 – Remove from the over and set on the counter until hardened. After slightly hardened you can put in the freezer for ease of removal. OR if silicon just pop then out!.