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Vaccinating Our Children

So, my husband and I decided to vaccinate our seven-year-old boy.  We are both vaccinated ourselves and had no problems with the vaccine, other than some mild side effects like arm pain, a little bit of weakness, and fatigue. All which Covid caused as well, minus the arm pain. Even though I am a medical provider, I’m still a mom and had some hesitancy ‘s and concerns about vaccinating my son. Although I will say all my non-medical friends had their children vaccinated before I did. One day I was walking and having a phone conversation with my best friend of almost 30 years. She had placed her 7-year-old son in the Pfizer Covid vaccine trials. He did very well with both vaccinations. I said to her “Well I feel like our son is still growing and yeah I know vaccines are pretty safe nowadays and there have been studies on mRNA vaccines for over 10 years. Again, I just feel like he’s still growing, and it makes me a little nervous to give him a vaccine while he’s still growing.”  Do you know what she said to me? She said “Uh yeah, but they get like five vaccines at a time when they’re born. And they’ve had at least 20 vaccines before they’re the age of two.” You know, she was completely right, and this blew my mind even though I knew it already. Sometimes we all just need a little reminder of the things we already know. 

Our son got covid in August just after school began for the school year. It took both him and me down for about a week. Though we were on the 10 days of quarantine then. I can tell you that in Hindsight I am glad I had the 10 days. Going back to work, in the emergency room on 12-hospital shifts was rough. I had a hard time walking around for periods of time without being winded. The more energy I used, the harder I went down later.

Since we both had some natural immunity now, my husband and I agreed to wait on our boosters and on our sons first vaccination. We waited a total of 4 months, mostly because we didn’t want to feel crummy during the holidays. I got my Moderna booster, and my son received his first Pfizer vaccination in late December after Christmas. He had a little extra boost of energy and no negative side effects. Not even arm pain. Yesterday he received his 2nd Pfizer vaccination. He had an extra boost of energy again for a few hours, but this time he did experience some arm pain with mild swelling later in the evening. Today is the day after his vaccine. He is acting completely appropriate. He is tired but his energy seems to rise with Ibuprofen for his shoulder. . . and he is extra cuddly.


PA skills and motherhood at it finest

Today, my son needed his bulbasaur (Pokémon) stuffy sewn. I’d rather use a sewing machine but I’ll take a few stabs at it by using my suturing skills. The simple running stitch was used in this superficial repair. And since I didn’t have my forceps I decided not do a non traditional knot tie by burying the thread underneath and going backwards.